• Individual $30 per year
  • Student/Senior/Low Income $25 per year
  • Non-profit Organization $150 per year
  • Government/Corporate Organization $320 per year

EECOM memberships are valid from July 1 – June 30 annually.

Member Benefits

Individual Members

  1. Be part of a national network: Information sharing and networking can make a critical difference in Environmental Learning (EL). EECOM provides a variety of possibilities for you to learn from, to connect with, and collaborate with others working in field of Environmental Learning.
  2. Access EECOM’s EExchange: EECOM has set up an exclusive Facebook group where members can ask questions and share ideas and resources.
  3. Discounts: EECOM members benefit from a discounted rate for Green Teacher ($20 for 4 issues)
  4. Member Updates: all members will receive a bi-monthly members-only update with the inside scoop on EE across Canada.

Non-profit / Government Organizational Members

  1. All of the benefits listed above, plus the following:
  2. Leadership Clinics & Summits: Priority invitation to EECOM’s National Leadership Summits and Clinics
  3. Webinar Partnership: Priority invitation to participate in EECOM’s webinar partnership with Green Teacher
  4. In the Sunlight: Your organization will be featured in EECOM’s monthly EE showcase here
  5. Increased Exposure: Your organization will receive increased promotion of your events, activities and programs through our newsletter, website and social media

All members have voting privileges at EECOM Annual General Meetings and are eligible to serve as a future officer or director on the EECOM Board.