Information for Presenters

General Information

  • The majority of the main conference took place in the Arts Building of the UofS Campus; the campus’ main green space (the Bowl) and the Meewasin River Valley were both in close walking distance.
  • Each room except the tipi was equipped with AV (computer, projection screen, sound system) for PowerPoint presentations.
  • WiFi access was available.
    • WiFi: uofs-guest
    • Username: eecom2019
    • Password: climateaction


Considerations for Presenters

  • Please consider ways to ensure your session is interactive and engaging, particularly if you are offering a workshop.
  • Consider the audience who will attend the EECOM conference, ensuring your offering has broad appeal and practical implications for education stakeholders.
  • Ensure your conference contribution will fit within the time allotted to you.
  • French presenters are encouraged to have bilingual presentations, e.g., English oral presentation with French slides, or vice versa.
  • Consider implications for climate change education, including attending to systemic implications as applicable in your presentation, workshop, or poster.


I Just Noticed I’m a Chair! What is that?

For panel presentations, one presenter in each panel presentation has been assigned to be the session’s chair. The chair is responsible for logging into the computer and assisting uploading slide shows (don’t worry, these instructions will be in the room!). Please introduce the session and ensure all presenters are given equal opportunity to speak, that sufficient time is given for audience interaction, and that the session ends on time. We suggest chairs arrive at the room at least 5 minutes early to log into the computer and assist with presentation uploads.

To log in to the computer enter:

  • Username: eecom2019
  • Password: climateaction

Click here to see the conference program and the detailed concurrent session schedule, which also indicates who is your session’s chair.


Going Outside

Presenters are welcome to move their sessions outside if they wish but please ensure your session ends on time. The UofS has several green spaces located in the centre of its campus, all within close walking distance of the Arts Building.


Information about Session Types

Workshop (60 minutes)

Workshops are in-depth sessions that actively develop specific professional competencies and have widespread potential for implementation. They should include interactive activities to engage with the audience. Workshop facilitators will be responsible for ensuring their session stars and ends on time. Click here to see the conference program and the detailed concurrent session schedule.


Panel Presentations (60 minutes)

Panel presentation sessions focus on a single topic or related topics. Panels typically include a talk or media presentation but can also include an interactive component, such as a short discussion. Two to three presentations on related topics will be grouped together, and approximately 15 minutes provided for Q&A and audience interaction at the end of the session. If you have 2 presentations in your session, presentations can be about 20 minutes long. If you have 3 presentations in your session, presentations should be about 15 minutes long.

Click here to see the conference program and  the detailed concurrent session schedule, which also indicates who is your session’s chair and who else is presenting in your session.


Poster session (60 minutes)

Posters are two-dimensional printed presentations illustrating research studies, programs, or other work. Posters are fixed to bulletin boards for conference participants to review at their leisure. Presenters will be expected to be available to share their posters, answer questions, and interact with attendees during the scheduled poster session time. We recommend poster dimensions be approximately 3′ X 4′. Click here to see the conference program and  the detailed concurrent session schedule.