Accommodations & Travel

Accommodations for Conference Attendees

We reserved rooms in two University of Saskatchewan Campus Residences for conference attendees. Options are:

  • College Quarter: Located within a 5 minute-walking distance of the UofS campus, CQ offers a unique residence experience in a modern building. CQ is the university’s newest residence and consists of fully furnished four bedroom apartments along with a limited number of three bedroom apartments, accessible living spaces, two bedroom apartments and studio apartments as well.
  • Voyageur Place: Located in the heart of the UofS campus, Voyageur Place consists of four residence halls: Athabasca Hall, Saskatchewan Hall, Qu’Appelle Hall and Qu’Appelle Hall Addition. Single room options are available.

The deadline for booking accommodations was April 9, 2019 but late booking was available through the Residence Services Office.


Instructions for booking Campus accommodation:

  • To book campus accommodations, click here.
      • Step 1: Select conferences at the top of the screen
      • Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and select EECOM Conference
      • Step 3: Click sign up
      • Step 4: Follow the prompts to input your personal details as well as your payment information to reserve your room.
    • After you login, you will be able to see the available rooms. You can view the room descriptions here.
    • The room prices are as follows:
      • $42/day for a Double Room
      • $51.45/day for a Single Room
      • $66.15/day for a 4 bedroom apartment
    • All rooms also come with a hot breakfast for an additional $13.87/day.
    • There is also a non-refundable administration fee of $15

If you would like to share a room with another conference participant, please email Ashley Britz ( shortly after registering with the names of the individuals with which you would like to share a room.

Check in begins at 3:00pm on Wednesday, May 8 and will take place for all guests at the Residence Services office located in Saskatchewan Hall, 91 Campus Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B2.


Accommodations Carpool! Room Sharing Options

Sign up if you have a room you’d like to share, if you’d like to share a room, if you live in the local area and have a room you can share, or if you are coming from further afield and would like to stay with a local participant.

If you are booking on-campus accommodation and would like to share a room with another conference participant, please email Ashley Britz ( shortly after registering with the names of the individuals with which you would like to share a room.


Other Accommodation Options

We encourage conference attendees to book the residence rooms as they will provide additional networking opportunities and are just a few minutes walk away from from the main conference activities. If you don’t wish to stay in residence, there are several options for hotels near campus, including in the downtown core, which is within walking distance:


Travel within Saskatoon

Saskatoon has one airport, the Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, which is located on the north edge of the city. The airport is a 10 minute drive from the city’s downtown core, and a 15 minute drive to the UofS campus. There are several options for car rentals within the airport terminal. Local transit, taxi, limo, wheelchair accessible transportation (arrange in advance), and hotel shuttle services are also available.

We recommend staying in the campus residence or in a hotel downtown. The downtown core is within walking distance of the UofS campus.

Saskatoon Transit services most of the city. There are transit hubs located downtown and at the UofS.

There are two primary taxi operators in the city, and Saskatoon also has Uber.

For car pooling, you can sign up here.



Whether travelling in the air, or along the land, we encourage all conference delegates to offset their carbon emissions with a good offsetting program of their choice. We recommend the local ‘Fly it Forward‘ option from our friends at Groundswell Network Society. This program offers individuals the option to voluntarily offset their carbon produced from air travel through a financial contribution toward demonstration projects and education programs that Groundswell conducts locally to inspire conservation action.


Letters of Invitation

Letter of Invitation will be provided to delegates upon registration and receipt of full payment of registration fees. Letters of Invitation are provided to only assist participants for travel to Canada for the purposes of attending the conference, and do not imply any commitment to provide financial support or employment offers.

We recommend starting your visa application at least 6 weeks before the conference. Cancellations after the early bird deadline cutoff may result in a cancellation fee. The Letter of Invitation does not guarantee will receive a visa. The conference planning committee reserves the right to refuse requests for visa invitation letters submitted less than 6 weeks prior to the conference.

If your visa is denied, please contact with a copy of the visa denial letter to request your refund. Refund requests received after April 10, 2019 cannot be accepted due to catering deadlines.