Presenter Information

Workshop/Session Presenters:
  • Workshop Schedule:
  • Conference Schedule: We have fairly tight transitions between workshops, so please arrive as early as possible to set up in the space you’re presenting. Also, please be mindful of the time, and please don’t go over your allocated workshop time.
  • Workshop Support Volunteers: Each workshop will have an assigned volunteer who can help you with any set-up, welcome/introduce you, and thank you at the end (and provide you with a small gift of our appreciation!).
  • Workshop Participants: There isn’t pre-registration for workshops – participants will have the ability to choose their session on the day. While we’ve planned for 15 as an average number of participants, workshops will have a range, likely between 10-25, so please plan to be adaptable with your session for a larger or smaller group. To get a sense of who is coming to EECOM 2018 you can see the Delegate Map:
  • Indoor Session Spaces: Spaces have been assigned in the workshop schedule. All sessions will take place within a 2 minute walk of the main pavilion. If you are presenting in an indoor meeting room, for the majority of spaces, 15 chairs will be set up in a U-shape with a table and projector at the front, and 10 chairs available for additional participants should you need them. If you are in an indoor space, we will have a projector and screen for you. Please bring your own laptop if you need one, and if you are using a MAC please bring your adapter so you can connect to the projector. Please bring any other facilitation supplies you may require. St. Eugene has tech support should you need it, and a contact number will be left in each room.
  • Outdoor Session Spaces: Outdoor spaces will either have chairs in tents for up to 15 people or sitting pads and a few chairs in tipis for up to 15 people. Active outdoor workshops have been assigned a tipi or tent as a meeting place. All tents/tipis are within a 1 minute walk of the main pavilion. The golf course (certified under the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program!) is closed for golfing and has some beautiful natural areas along it so you can access the walking trails on it and beside the river beside it adjacent to the resort. Please view access map to determine which areas you are able to access: And please be wildlife aware as there are many species of animals that call this home, including bear and cougar. For more information go to:
  • Acknowledgement of Ktunaxa Nation (pronounced ‘TOO-nah-HA’): EECOM 2018 is being hosted on Ktunaxa Nation land, in/adjacent to a building that was formerly a residential school that has now been converted to a resort by the Ktunaxa Nation in an effort turn a negative history into something which is positive for the community. St. Eugene Resort is co-owned by ʔaq̓am, ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation, yaqan nuykiy – Lower Kootenay Band, Tobacco Plains Indian Band and Shuswap Indian Band. Joe Pierre Jr., who is Nasuʔkin (Chief) of the adjacent ʔaq̓am Community, has provided some words for those who wish to offer an acknowledgement: “I want to acknowledge that we have gathered here in the Homelands of the Ktunaxa people’’ OR “I am grateful for this opportunity to come together here in the Homelands of the Ktunaxa Nation/People” We encourage everyone to visit the on-site Ktunaxa Interpretive Centre, located on-site, so you can learn more about the land, history and culture of this place. You can read more on the Ktunaxa Nation here: 
  • Printing/sharing presentation materials: We encourage you not to print an unnecessary amount of print-outs for your workshops. Instead, you can bring with you a sheet of paper that you can pass around to collect email addresses of participants for those that want to receive a follow-up message with notes/resources after the session.

Saturday Field Study Presenters

  • We suggest you use this list to send a message to your participants letting them know if there is anything you would recommend they bring, safety information, etc.
  • Each field study will have an assigned volunteer who can help you with any set-up, welcome/introduce you, and thank you at the end (and provide you with a small gift of our appreciation!).
  • If you aren’t attending the conference, please plan on arriving at St. Eugene Mission Resort by no later than 1:15pm on Saturday, October 20.
  • Buses will arrive at to the front doors of St. Eugene Mission at 1:30pm, and we will plan on departing by 2:00pm. If all goes according to plan, there will be a sign on each bus indicating the field study that they are transporting.
  • Please meet the bus driver at 1:30pm to introduce yourself to them and let them know exactly where you’re going so you are on the same page for drop-off/pick up (or, for those whose bus will stay with you, confirm where you would like them to take you, and in what order).
  • We would suggest you stand outside of the bus door so that you can answer any questions people may have on the field study before boarding the bus.
  • Please provide a brief introduction on where you’re going / what you’re doing / any safety information prior to departing from St. Eugene.
  • A few of the buses will be combined to drop-off / pick up. This is indicated on your spreadsheet by the bus #.
  • Participants will be given snacks to take with them – feel free to also grab a snack from the snack table in the main pavilion. 🙂
  • If you requested an honorarium we will send you an online form you can fill out following the conference to claim this.