Place-based Field Studies: Choose Your Own Adventure!

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 20, participants will head out on buses to explore some amazing places and programs.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to select their session of choice when registering for the conference. Please note that space on each field study is limited, and these will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you register early. A huge thanks to the organizations and individuals who have taken the time and energy to host these, and to Southeast School District 5 for providing busing.

BC’s Protected Areas: For Learning & Promoting Environmental Awareness

Hosted by BC Parks at Kikomun Creek Provincial Park

Community Forest and Creek Studies

Hosted by Columbia Outdoor School at Idlewild Park and College of the Rockies

Exploring Climate Action in our Communities

Hosted by Columbia Basin Trust at various sites in Kimberley and Cranbrook.

Find out about our Provincial Parks and how they can serve as classrooms to help educators teach students about ecological processes and promote environmental awareness. Kikomun Creek Provincial Park preserves an example of Interior Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine forest and grassland habitat. Spend your afternoon investigating the creeks and forests of the Rocky Mountains. You will spend some time at the lake looking at invasive species, the importance of wetland habitats and water quality issues for fish. You will discover how this innovative project brings the community together to consider sustainable decision making. Meeting the challenges of climate change will depend on seeing and doing things differently, and learning how to “re-vision” our communities, economies and lifestyles through the lens of low-carbon resilience. This afternoon field trip will visit leading examples and models of climate action in the local area.

Exploring the Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor

Hosted by Wildsight at the Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor

Grizzlies, badgers, and Thousands of Elk, Oh my! Join local wildlife biologist and outdoor educator Dave Quinn for an afternoon hike with exceptional views and abundant wildlife in the Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor.

ka amaknaⱡa ȼ wuʔunaⱡa – Our Ktunaxa Lands and Waters

Hosted by ʔaq̓am in the ʔaq̓am Community

This tour will offer 4 components – trees and native plants; marshlands; Joseph Creek and Indigenous Games. Participants will embark on a bus tour that visits sites all on reserve.

Forest Bathing: Deep Nature Connection

Hosted by Walk with Ronna on a trail near Kimberley

Teaching can be challenging, therefore self care is key. Time in nature is proven to be a powerful tool to manage stress. Forest Therapy is a research-based framework that supports healing and wellness through immersion in natural environments.

Gateway to Nature Hike

Hosted by the Kimberley Nature Park Society at Kimberley Nature Park

Hidden Secret of Wetlands

Hosted by Mainstreams Environmental Society at Kimberley Nature Park

McGinty Lake Conservation Area

Hosted by Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook at McGinty Lake Conservation Area

Join a group of volunteer guides on an enjoyable hike into the Kimberley Nature Park. At 840 hectares it is the  largest municipal park in BC. Gateway to Nature hikes are offered every Saturday during the summer to residents and visitors to our community. Mainstreams will demonstrate our Wetland Program, with a focus on Intermediate Grades. Eimer Lake is a unique wetland because it is a sphagnum moss bog. Participants will play students as they go through a series of place-based activities designed to immerse them in the wondrous world of wetlands. Participants will explore McGinty Lake, which the Meadowbrook Community Association and Wildsight have been working together to restore and protect from impacts due to grazing, recreation and development. The two groups have collaborated to develop the site as a learning venue.

Native Seeds and Pesky Weeds: A Land Restoration Field Trip

Hosted by East Kootenay Invasive Species Council and Tipi Mountain Native Plant Nursery.

The health of our natural environment is of concern to everyone. See first-hand what local First Nations’ are doing to make our environment healthy again. This field trip invites you to get your hands dirty and gain experiences from learning about native and invasive plants, land restoration, and growing techniques.

Trilobite Fossils in the Eager Formation

Hosted by Mount Baker Secondary School and College of the Rockies at the Cranbrook Rifle Range Site

Come explore a local geology site with Lower Cambrian trilobite fossils that are over 500 million years old. While celebrating the experiential learning opportunities of sites like this, participants will also discuss the implications of field trips to these sites for future learners.

Learn to Fish & Farm: Food Forests & Freshwater Fishing 

Hosted by Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC and Clear Sky Meditation Centre to the Kootenay Trout Hatchery & Clear Sky Farm.

We invite educators to experience the Learn to Fish program first hand at the Kootenay Trout Hatchery. Then, travel to a 6-year-old, cold climate food forest at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, and learn how permaculture is supporting a non-profit enterprise to operate sustainably with a quadruple bottom-line.

 IDEAL Tour – Holistic Education Model

Hosted by the IDEAL Society (Institute for the Development in Education, Arts and Leisure) at the IDEAL Community in Jaffray

Come discover a community based NGO organization. A holistic model of education is developed there by people, which choose to experience it as a way of life, designed to address the different human needs. Participants will experience how this model is put into practice through an environmental program for kids.