Leadership Clinics

What is a Leadership Clinic?

Leadership Clinics are a proven and effective way to build capacity within provincial, regional, and national environmental learning organizations, thereby improving the quality of environmental education and communication in Canada.The Leadership Clinic model is fundamentally different than a conference because it provides an intensive focus on organizational and leadership skill development for environmental learning professionals.

Leadership Clinics provide opportunities to exchange ideas and strategies with peers through a variety of innovative processes and settings. Leadership Clinics are a participant-driven, professional development program where “everyone has something to give and everyone has something to gain.” Leadership Clinics provide opportunities to exchange information and ideas and assist participating teams in developing or refining action plans.

Through the use of large group processes such as Open Space technology and Heads Together, multiple groups work together periodically to address topics of shared interest or concern. Finally, skill building and professional development sessions are active sessions where every team leaves with an “Action Plan” e.g. a grant proposal draft, a conceptual map, or a set of draft guidelines.

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