Our Role

The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM)/ Le réseau canadien d’éducation et de communication relatives à l’environnement, is Canada’s only national, bilingual, charitable network for environmental learning (EL). EECOM works strategically and collaboratively to advance EL to ensure Canadians are environmentally literate, engaged in environmental stewardship and contributing to a healthy, sustainable future. At a time when the environment and sustainability issues are a clear priority to Canadians, EECOM’s role is more important than ever before.

Our Role

EECOM does not duplicate services already offered by other organizations involved in EL. It provides a national vehicle for existing EL stakeholders from various sectors to share ideas, programs, research, resources, events and services and enhance their professional skills. A comprehensive network, EECOM strives to strengthen and improve EL in Canada. As environmental thought and action continues to develop, we can expect new challenges for environmental learning. Our ability to engage proactively in these challenges will be enhanced by encountering diverse perspectives. EECOM provides those perspectives, celebrates our efforts, and strengthens our desire and ability to make a difference.

EECOM works with multi-disciplinary, multi-regional, multi-cultural and multi-sectoral partner individuals and organizations from across Canada. Reflecting the fundamental importance of networking and collaborating among regions, cultures and sectors in EL, EECOM’s network is comprised of teachers, students, academics, community leaders, nature interpreters, youth, and business leaders. Current members and associates include representatives and decision makers from provincial, territorial or national environmental learning organizations, from a variety of sectors including: all levels of government, NGOs, universities, K-12 schools, private sector, industry, autonomous workers and retirees.

Global changes affecting our natural environment require further attention from citizens if Canada is to find creative solutions to continue to develop itself, in the face of today and tomorrow’s environmental, economical and societal challenges. Strengthening the development of an ecologically-literate population, both in terms of global knowledge and know-how, stands now as a top priority. As such, EECOM has a fundamental responsibility to promote environmental literacy and enhance Canadian citizens’ collective capacity to address today’s environmental challenges. Our network facilitates relationship building, information sharing, collaboration and exploration of multiple perspectives and ideas. We strive to build partnerships, minimize duplication of services and improve resource use – ultimately strengthening our collective ability to engage students and the public in environmental stewardship. As a community of environmental educators and communicators, EECOM has played a fundamental role in developing current levels of awareness of pressing environmental challenges and we realize that environmental learning will play a more important role know than ever before. Our community possess the collective knowledge, expertise, and services that are required to support environmental literacy, and active engagement in stewardship and healthy, sustainable lifestyles.