In the Sunlight: Ontario EcoSchools


Aug 2018


Ontario EcoSchools is an award-winning certification program that recognizes schools for environmental learning and action. Ontario EcoSchools nurtures environmental leadership in students and helps reduce the ecological impact of school communities. In 2017-18, 1,900 schools certified from 58 school boards, and approximately 1 million students were reached through activities and campaigns.
EcoSchools certification is widely adopted as a benchmark of environmental excellence within the education sector. EcoSchools supports participating schools and boards in their certification journey by providing professional development training, curriculum-linked resources, and grant opportunities.
At the heart of every EcoSchool is its EcoTeam. Students from K to 12 work with school staff to create a vibrant culture of conservation. The actions that EcoTeams take are as unique as the school communities themselves: a rural school may grow a pollinator garden, a northern school may ask its city council for better recycling, a downtown school may create a nature photography club. These collective acts add up to big impacts, both within and beyond school walls.