In the Sunlight: Green Schools Nova Scotia


May 2018


Green Schools Nova Scotia is a free environmental education program that promotes energy efficiency behaviours and reducing energy waste. Nova Scotia is home to Canada’s first energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Nova Scotia, which administers the Green School NS program. Efficiency Nova Scotia programs change the lives of Nova Scotians by saving energy which avoids 700,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually.

Green Schools NS provides learning opportunities in classrooms and communities across the province to help students of all ages understand that our everyday choices matter. The program is focused on energy efficiency while also supporting a wide range of sustainability efforts at over 280 schools. In 2017-18, the program has engaged with more than 22,000 students to encourage an efficiency-first mindset and inspire environmental stewardship. Hands-on and curriculum-linked program activities are suitable for a range of learning levels. A dynamic program team offers presentations and supports teachers by leveraging the expertise of an active network environmental organizations.

The program encourages everyone to take action, to change their behaviour, and to help the Earth. Green Schools NS facilitates the sustainability learning journey of students in a way that empowers students to become champions of sustainability.

Quotes from participating students & staff:

 “Thank you for the work that you are doing, visiting and helping schools to take better care of Earth. I think it’s important and wanted to say thank you for showing me what I can do!”

  • East Pictou Middle School, Grade 6 student

 “Thank for an informative presentation that supplements our curriculum!”

  • Sandra Hutchison, Coxheath Elementary

 “Great presentation. Getting info to kids at this young age is the way to go!”

  • Karen Mulloy, Grade 1 Teacher, Falmouth District School