EECOM Reconciliation Committee


Oct 2017


EECOM is forming a committee that seeks to provoke reconsideration of what it means for us to be outdoor/environmental educators and do outdoor/environmental education on Indigenous lands, especially in light of the recent Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations on education.

With a nation-wide focus, we hope this committee will create community with others engaged in this work, to share stories of best practice, strategize, vision and help each other to create change. We are looking for tangible outcomes of our coming together – ideas so far include written publication, surveys, regional or national gatherings in person and webinars. As EECOM board members hosting this committee, we’re looking also to be guided for our own internal organizational change by critical creative conversations and learning from the examples of others.

Want to be involved? 

Those interested may be in programming, school, parks, academic settings, etc. Add your name and email address to this form to keep updated on progress of the committee, and possibly be contacted for participation in a particular project. You might to also join the working committee if you are able to commit time in the coming year to do organizing. This is a committee of both EECOM board members and non-board members that will plan and host ways to gather folks and other projects.

The committee’s work ties into the upcoming EECOM 2018 Classroom to Communities conference taking place at St. Eugene Mission Resort, the site of a former residential school that is now owned and operated by the Ktunaxa First Nation as a vehicle for education, reconciliation and economic development.

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