Natural Curiosity


Sep 2017


2nd Edition: A Resource for Educators
The Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Children’s Environmental Inquiry

This resource offers educators a powerful way to engage their students in learning about their world. It provides a framework for environmental inquiry shaped by students’ questions and theories – their natural curiosity – as they explore their environment. The framework encourages educators to find their own ways to build upon children’s sense of wonder and to create a culture of community learning that is purposeful, responsive, and deeply engaging.

The second edition of Natural Curiosity supports a stronger awareness of Indigenous approaches to environmental learning. It offers an encounter with Indigenous perspectives that challenge us to think in very different ways about our place in the world. The Indigenous lens in this edition provides a starting point in a conversation that opens educators’ eyes to Indigenous perspectives as their students build lasting connections with the natural world.

New in the Second Edition:
• Revision of the four branches of environmental inquiry
• An Indigenous lens on environmental inquiry
• 15 new educator stories

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