EECOM Committee: Environmental and Sustainability Education in Teacher Education (ESE-TE)


Jun 2017


This new EECOM sub-committee is dedicated to promoting environmental education in teacher education programs across Canada. We met for the first time on 29th May 2017. Eleven participants from Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba attended in person in Toronto, by video link or phone. Following introductions and an overview of the committee’s purpose, we reviewed an action plan created at the National Roundtable held in June 2016 at Trent University. Updates were provided on the work done since the Round Table, which include the establishment of this committee. Two action items were identified in preparation for the next meeting on 28th June 2017:

Action item 1: All members to consider the committee’s mission and vision statements and send in any changes for sharing and discussion before/at next meeting.

Action Item 2: To review the items of the National Action Plan so we are prepared to form working groups at our next meeting – each working group to take on one aspect of the NR Action Plan to work on over the summer.

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