In the EE (energy efficient!) Spotlight: Let’s Talk Energy


Oct 2016


In the spotlight this month is Let’s Talk Energy, an education initiative run by the Canada Science and Technology Museum that strives to enhance energy and climate awareness among Canadians to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

They are in advanced planning for Talk Energy Week 2017, which will happen from February 18-25th 2017.  In partnership with Museums across the country, they will provide programming materials on the topic of electrifying the transportation sector.  For high schools, they are working with Canadian Geographic to develop a series of infographics and lesson plans focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation.  There are also plans for speaker series for schools – if you are interested in free programming or lesson plans, please get in touch.


Their travelling exhibition “Climate Change is Here…” produced in partnership with National Geographic  just arrived in Mexico city for the Green Expo, and a second copy will accompany the Canadian delegation to Marrakesh for COP 22 in November.  Planning is underway for a second photo exhibition for late spring 2017.


Finally we are working with Will Gadd, world champion ice climber, to produce a series of videos in the Columbia Icefields.  Videos will showcase the impact climate change is having in places close to home.  They will be released in early 2017, stay tuned!



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Instagram: letstalkenergy