In the Spotlight: International Peace Garden


Jul 2016


The International Peace Garden is a 9.5 km2 park located on the international border between Canada and the United States, in the state of North Dakota and the province of Manitoba. It was established on July 14, 1932, as a symbol of the peaceful relationship between the two nations. The legend “Peace Garden State” was added to vehicle registration plates of North Dakota in 1956, and adopted by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly in 1957 as the official state nickname.

The park lies near the center of the Turtle Mountain plateau. The climate, topography, wildlife, and natural vegetation differ considerably from the surrounding prairies. Wildflowers, pristine lakes and over one hundred species of songbirds are permanent residents of the Peace Garden. The garden is a valued quiet place for photographers to capture nature’s wildlife and beauty in all seasons. The park plants over 150,000 flowers each year. Main features of the garden include a 5.5 m floral clock display, fountains, a chime, and twin 37 m concrete towers straddling the border with a peace chapel at their base. The chapel walls are inscribed with notable quotes about peace. 

The Burdick Perfoming Arts Centre (image below) will be “Centre Stage” to main events at EECOM 2016. Built to showcase performances by teachers, students, and guests at the International Music Camp, the Centre holds over 500 and the stage brings out the best in all who get up to perform. The EECOM Board tested the versatility of the Burdick Centre – and your ability to discern the acronym they created at a Board retreat at the International Peace Garden last November. They came to the Turtle Mountains just after Remembrance Day and brought beautiful weather with them. They have promised to do the same for EECOM 2016 – August 25 to 28.

EECOM on Stage

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