May 2016


EECOM_posterWe are pleased to announce that we have approved a wonderful diversity of presentations and presenters from coast to coast to coast. Our Conference Program Committee is currently drafting a schedule that will provide participants with new hope, ideas, tools and resources to make a culture of change a reality.

Our 2016 Conference is taking place in the Heart of the Turtle Mountains in the geographic centre of Turtle Island. For three days you will be able to experience a place without boundaries. Situated on the 49th parallel, the International Peace Garden recognizes no boundaries – a perfect setting to “think outside the box”. Wildflowers, pristine lakes and over one hundred species of songbirds are residents of the International Peace Garden. Also, over 4,500 species of cactus and succulents call our conference venue home. The International Peace Garden Conservatory hosts many species that are endangered in the wild.

Early bird fees for the first 100 people who register before June 15. Registration includes meals, carbon offsetting, an annual pass at the International Peace Garden and an EECOM membership.

Click here for more information and to register.