EECOM currently is an entirely volunteer-run organization (this may change!) and we encourage active involvement from our members and supporters. There are many ways to be involved depending on your availability, time, and interests. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the opportunities below.

Some volunteer positions we are looking to fill at present include:

Annual Awards Committee: Members of this committee will organize EECOM’s annual awards to be presented at the annual conference. Duties include distributing a call for nominations, collecting nominations, selecting recipients, organizing an awards ceremony, and presenting the awards.

Social Media: We are looking for 1-3 individuals who can help EECOM increase and sustain our interactions on Social Media (currently EECOM is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). We’d like help in drafting a social media use policy for EECOM, making regular posts and updates, and responding to comments in a timely fashion.

Website: If you are reading this page, you will know that our website is in the process of being renewed and updated. We are looking for someone who can review, refine, and potentially reorganize the content posted.

Translation: EECOM is a bilingual organization and could use assistance translating documents from English to French on an as needed basis.

Your passion: EECOM is interested in projects and ideas that you may be passionate about. If you have an idea that would benefit EECOM, our members, and affiliates, please contact us to discuss it more!