Field Trips

Field trips will take place in the afternoon of Friday, May 10, following the conference opening. We have arranged 11 amazing field trips, described below. We’re excited to show you all that Saskatoon has to offer! Questions can be directed to conference2019(at)





Session #1
An Afternoon with Ecojustice
Location University of Saskatchewan
Facilitator(s) Mel Sysing
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:00 pm
End Time 4:00 pm
# Participants 20 2 spots left!
Cost Free
Description Spend the afternoon learning with the grade 8 Ecojustice students and teachers. EcoJustice students analyze the increasing destruction of the world’s diverse ecosystems, languages and cultures by experiencing authentic learning in communities beyond the school setting. EcoJustice students study, support and teach about the ways that various cultures around the world actively resist colonizing forces by protecting and revitalizing their commons that is the social practices and traditions, languages, and relationships with the land necessary to the sustainability of their communities.



Session #2
Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous Learning Centre
Location Bus Pick Up at University of Saskatchewan Education Building – East Doors
Facilitator(s) Sam Gunn & Scott Thompson
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:00 pm
End Time 5:00 pm
# Participants 25 2 spots left!
Cost $30, tax included
Description This session will give participants an opportunity to explore educational programming and the beautiful prairie ecosystem at the Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous Learning Centre. This site, located 14 kilometres south of Saskatoon provides unique land-based programming for students attending Saskatoon Public Schools. Brightwater programming is delivered through the integration of a variety of curricular subject areas and is based on the ecological knowledge of native prairie landscapes and honours Indigenous perspectives, content and ceremonies.​​​




Session #3
Stand Up Paddleboard River Tour
Location Escape Sports – 110 19th St. W.
Facilitator(s) Jon & Marcus Storey – Escape Sports
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:00 pm
End Time 5:00 pm
# Participants 12
Cost $105, tax included
Description In this four hour paddleboard tour of the South Saskatchewan River, two professional guides will transport paddlers from Escape Sports up river to the starting point at Poplar Bluffs. Participants will paddle downstream and will be given basic paddle board instruction as well as information about what is is observed along the way. The tour will end in Saskatoon at River Landing where participants will be picked up and shuttled back to Escape Sports. Paddleboards, paddles, personal flotation devices, leashes, and dry bags for personal items will be provided.




Session #4
Classroom Visit (Early Learning)
Location University of Saskatchewan Prairie Habitat Garden
Facilitator(s) Early Learning Teachers
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15
End Time 3:30
# Participants 20
Cost $15, tax included
Description You are invited to observe and participate in children’s active outdoor play and learning in the University of Saskatchewan’s Prairie Habitat Garden. After the children leave, we will discuss features of play, inquiry, and how the structures in the Prairie Habitat Garden, and the biodiversity it affords, support children’s learning about nature.



Session #5
School Classroom Visit (Elementary)
Location TBA
Facilitator(s) Nancy Barr
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15 p.m.
End Time 3:30 p.m.
# Participants 10 SOLD OUT!
Cost $15, tax included
Description Visit a place based grade 4/5 teacher, as her students learn in the best place for learning. Observe the students and how they engage with curricular content through being drawn into relevant local issues.



Session #6
Interpretive Tour of Wanuskewin Heritage Park
Location Wanuskewin Heritage Park
Facilitator(s) Wanuskewin Tour Leaders
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15 pm
End Time 4:00 pm
# Participants 30
Cost $25, tax included
Description Visit Canada’s premier learning site for Indigenous archaeology, with interpretation of pre-contact and current life styles, set in the valley created by the Opimihaw Creek, at the site of a buffalo jump. The remains of an ancient celestial circle can be seen, as well as native plants and ancient artifacts.



Session #7
Diamond Willow Walking Stick Workshop
Location U of S room
Facilitator(s) Greg Mallett
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15 pm
End Time 4 pm
# Participants 12-20 (minimum)
Cost $60, tax included
Description In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • What is diamond willow, where is it found, when to harvest, drying and straightening.
  • Safe handling of knives, chisels and carving tools.
  • How to craft their own walking stick—each participant will be provided with a raw (with bark) diamond willow stick (dried and straightened stick).
  • How to remove the bark, carve out the diamonds, sand, and be provided with two finishing products (boiled linseed oil and Wipe On Poly).
  • Finishing touches such as installing a wrist strap, carvings onto the stick, implanting a gemstone or compass, and installing a rubber tip will also be discussed.

Participants should bring a knife, a wood chisel, U gauge or other carving tools if they have them as well as cut resistant gloves. Some knives and chisels will be provided. Additional raw sticks and finished sticks and canes will also be available for sale.



Session #8
Bird Walk with Trevor Herriot
Location Beaver Creek
Facilitator(s) Trevor Herriot
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15 pm
End Time 4 pm
# Participants 18 SOLD OUT!
Cost $15, tax included
Description Trevor Herriot is a well known author (three examples are: River in a Dry Land; Grass, Sky, Song: Promise and Peril in the World of Grassland Birds; Islands of Grass) and respected birder. He knows grasslands and grassland birds. Trevor will introduce participants to a local native grassland, and support identification of birds that migrate through, nest in summer, or remain all year, in this Saskatchewan grassland. His newest book, Islands of Grass will be for sale.



Session #9
Collaborative, Sustainable Approaches to the Way We Live and Grow: Combined Tour of Radiance Cohousing and the Askîy Project’s Garden
Location Radiance Cohousing (475 Avenue L South) & the Askîy Project (19th Street West between Ave L and Ave M)
Facilitator(s) Shannon Dyck (Radiance) & Zoe Arnold (CHEP Good Food)
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15-2:45 at Radiance

3:00-5:00 at Askîy Project

5:00-5:30 walk over to Station 20 West for bathrooms, clean-up, and pick-up

End Time 5:30 pm
# Participants 20 5 spots left!
Cost $7.50, tax included
Description Radiance Cohousing is a 9-unit cohousing complex that was completed in the fall of 2018. It was built to the Passive House (Passivhaus) green building standard and is on track to becoming Canada’s first Passive House certified cohousing project. By combining cohousing with environmental design, this project showcases what’s possible in terms of quality homes that build community and respond to a changing climate. On this tour, participants will learn about cohousing, the Passive House green building standard, and Saskatoon’s innovative Renewable Rides program

CHEP Good Food is a non-profit in Saskatoon working to improve access to good food and promote food security.  The askîy project is CHEP’s urban agriculture internship which brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth around growing good food in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. The main growing site is a containerized garden; located on a vacant brownfield lot. *Part of this tour includes volunteering. Tools and gloves will be provided, but please dress to get your hands dirty! Close toed shoes, a sun hat, and a water bottle are recommended.



Session #10
Tour of the Meewasin Valley’s NorthEast Swale
Location NorthEast Swale
Facilitator(s) Kenton Lysak, Renny Grilz, & Iain Phillips
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:15 pm
End Time 4 pm
# Participants 45
Cost $10, tax included
Description The Meewasin Valley’s NorthEast Swale is an example of native prairie, with much biodiversity, but under threat from nearby development. Learn about the plants, animals, the wetlands, and development, with local experts. 



Session #11
Education Sweatlodge at Linklater Lodge
Location Linklater Family Community Sweatlodge West of Highway 219
Facilitator(s) Lyndon Linklater
Date(s) Friday, May 10
Start Time 1:30
End Time 4:30
# Participants 40
Cost $25, tax included
Description Participants will travel to the Whitecap reserve south of Saskatoon to participate in a sweatlodge ceremony.  Cultural and historical teaching will be provided by the Linklater family. This is an “educational sweatlodge” geared toward those who haven’t experienced one before.  Expect the learning, and the lodge to be hot!

** NOTE: Those with medical (heart) conditions, or those who have a fear of enclosed spaces should not participate in this session.