There are two conference scholarship programs available, one for high school students, and one for individuals who are post-secondary students or have low incomes.

High School Youth Scholarships. The conference is free if you are a high school student who applies below and is approved for a high school scholarship (the regular fee is $320). You will then be instructed on how to register by e mail. High school students are required to stay in a residence and must register for accommodations as a high school youth delegate here. This costs $100 for a single room and is not covered by the scholarship. There will be an adult facilitator overseeing the residence and helping the youth to find your way at the conference. Apply for a high school youth scholarship using the form below.

Individual Scholarships for Post Secondary Students and those with Low Incomes. The cost is $100 for post-secondary students and individuals with low incomes who apply for and receive scholarships (the regular fee is $320).  If your scholarship is approved, you will be instructed by e mail on how to proceed to register. You must register with a week of receiving the scholarship approval.

We are hoping to offer 30 high school youth scholarships and 40 individual scholarships.   Scholarships are reviewed and accepted on an on-going basis with early applicants having a greater chance of success. We expect to review applications and provide feedback within 30 days of submission. If you are approved and there is not confirmed scholarship spaces open, you will be placed on a waiting list. Those receiving scholarships will be required to volunteer for two or three hours at some point during the conference.

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