Pre-Conference Workshops

We are delighted to offer a range of intriguing pre-conference field trip activities on Thursday, May 18. You must pre-register for these events during the registration process and there are limited spots available for each experience. You are responsible for your own transportation to pre-conference sessions located outside of Wolfville.. However, we are happy to assist in the coordination of car pool options. Do not let logistics prevent you from registering! Please email us at for any questions you may have regarding transportation.

Planet Protectors

(Thursday, May 18, 1 – 4 pm; Free)vortex

Valley Waste Resource Management and Acadia University’s Department of Community Development have embarked on a mission— a mission to find Planet Protectors! Vortex, a time traveler sent back from the year 3016, has given us a glimpse of Earth’s future with no one to take care of it. Vortex is looking for Planet Protectors to learn how to help the environment and relay these newly-learned skills to others.

Come explore and experience how waste management education on site becomes engaging and interactive. Planet Protectors is geared toward Grade 3 students (but other grades are always welcome). The program addresses topics such as the soil cycle, material breakdown, decomposition and the environment. Join us at Valley Waste for a few hours of fun and learning at our transfer station – yes, fun with garbage is possible!

Location: Valley Waste-Resource Management – 90 Donald E Hiltz Connector Rd, Kentville Industrial Park (20 minutes from Wolfville; Maximum: 30 people)

Green Campus Tour

(Thursday, May 18, 12:30  –  4:30 pm; Free)cbe

The Centre for the Built Environment was constructed as a leading edge ‘living building’, to educate the Nova Scotia Community College community, as well as the general public on sustainable best practices in building construction. This LEED Gold Certified building features several renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind power, geothermal, and solar walls. The design and construction of the facility embodies and demonstrates ecological design principles and practices that are regenerative and restorative of natural ecosystems. The project reflects the potential for buildings and nature to co-exist in a harmonious and mutually supportive relationship. Tour this leading edge building with the people who envisioned and managed its design and construction. See how it operates as a sustainable learning facility.

Location: NS Community College – Waterfront Campus, 80 Mawiomi Place, Dartmouth, 70 min from Wolfville; Maximum: 12 people; Free van transport is available from the workshop in Dartmouth to the conference in Wolfville at the end of the day.

Rocks, Tides & Vines… Workshop is full

blue-beach(Thursday, May 18, 1:30  –  4:30 pm; $15, wine tasting and food is extra)

Experience the unique geology, cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy. Tracy Webb will be your guide, 2005 EECOM Teacher of the Year and local high school science teacher. You will hunt for fossils at Blue Beach on the Minas Basin and visit the nearby museum showcasing many amazing finds from the beach. Blue Beach is a world-class fossil site with significant discoveries of unique species, especially the amphibians and tetrapods. These species are critical to the understanding of the first “land-walkers”, an exciting chapter of evolutionary history. On the return to Wolfville, we will stop by the well-known Le Caveau restaurant – located in Grand Pré on Nova Scotia’s oldest operating, award-winning winery. Enjoy a wine tasting session and some fantastic food.

Location: Meet at Acadia University in Wolfville; Maximum: 20 people

Grand Pré National Historic Site

(Thursday, May 18, 10 am – 12:30 pm; Free, site admission extra cost)

Discover the locale of the Acadian Expulsion of 1755 – 1763. This Park offers a comprehensive information centre built for the recent 250th Congrès Mondial Acadien celebration. The site is also home to the iconic church, which has commemorative murals and displays depicting Acadians, their way of life, and the deportation. The park features an authentic blacksmith shop, formal gardens, an Acadian well and the statue of Evangeline, immortalized heroine of Longfellow’s poem. Tracy Webb will be your guide, 2005 EECOM Teacher of the Year and local high school science teacher.

Location: Meet at Acadia University in Wolfville; Maximum: 20 people

Re-Connecting with Nature

imga0810(Thursday, May 18, 9 am – 5 pm; $50, bring your own lunch)

Partake in a hands-on day of adventure to improve your ability to lead and share an appreciation and understanding of the natural world with children and youth. Expect to improve your leadership skills, gain practical activity ideas, network with like-minded folks, and have fun experiencing the “magic” of the natural world. This is the award winning leadership program sponsored by Hike Nova Scotia and the NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage. It is designed for teachers, early childhood educators, youth group leaders, recreation and camp staff and community volunteers. You will receive a detailed activity manual and a copy the book Earth Adventures in the Halifax Region as a part of your registration fee.

Location: 52 University Ave., Acadia University in Wolfville; Maximum: 24 people