The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication Strategic Plan – 2016-2020

The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) is Canada’s only national, bilingual, charitable network for environmental learning.

Vision: Canadians are environmentally literate, engaged in environmental stewardship and contribute to a healthy, sustainable future for all.

Mission: The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) works strategically and collaboratively to advance environmental learning for all Canadians.

Goal 1: Effectively demonstrate and promote the value of environmental learning as essential

Goal 2: Strengthen and expand a Canada-wide network for environmental learning

Goal 3: Build capacity of EL associations, organisations and practitioners to engage Canadians

Goal 4: Increase EECOM’s internal capacity

Values: Our activities, programs and initiatives are guided by the following guiding principles:

  • Environmental learning (EL) is multi-disciplinary, multi-regional, multi-cultural and multi-sectoral, and engages the three education / learning sectors, defined as:
    • Formal (kindergarten through post-secondary and professional training)
    • Non-formal (non-governmental organizations; interpretive centres, parks, museums, science centres, botanical gardens and zoos; cultural centres; community and faith groups; youth organisations; service clubs; health, consumer, environmental advocacy and first nation organisations)
    • Informal (private sector, industry, corporate and tourism; multi-levels of governments and agencies; artists, entrepreneurs and volunteers; journalists, multi-media news, documentaries and commercial entertainment; libraries and academic publishers)
  • EL is inclusive and champions diversity; empowers adults and youth alike; embraces lifelong learning; recognises the value and contribution of various currents in environmental education; and encourages the values of sustainability and social responsibility
  • EL supports and promotes the Government of Canada’s Framework for Environmental Learning and Sustainability across the country, as well as the concept behind the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. EECOM seeks to be inclusive of the many perspectives held by our members and other environmental educators, and recognizes that one approach to work in our field is through education for sustainable development