Children and Family Program

mail-attachment-1Come explore the forest, discover nature’s treasures, and roll in the mud with us! This conference will have a special place and offer awesome activities specifically for the children of attending delegates. These activities will largely be hands-on, outdoor, experiential activities, offered concurrently throughout much of the conference. There will be the option to drop-off your kids during many of the workshop slots, providing flexibility and fun for both delegates and their children.

The children’s program will be offered free of charge and is intended for children ages 5-12, though older and younger children are welcome to join in (ages 0-4 must be accompanied by a parent). The fee for children’s meals for the duration of the conference is $60 for children age 8+ (children 7 and under eat for free).

Saturday morning will feature an all-ages keynote “A for Adventure”, which will also be open for local families wishing to join us for that segment.

Stay tuned for more specifics about the children’s program!